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Oklahoma City, OK



2800 S Council Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73128

Or at this link


Deliveries are going to a Sam's Club operational warehouse.

Selecting the maps link above will take you directly to your unloading point

Deliveries will be unloaded outside dock door 128.

You can find the unloading point by finding the flatbed trailer backed up to the building.

Deliveries will be accepted

Monday - Friday 7 AM- 3 PM.

Saturday 7 AM-11 AM

You must be untarped and at the ramp by 3 PM to be unloaded.

No appointment is required, trucks will be unloaded on a first-come first-serve basis.

If you wish to contact the site, use the form below or send a message through the chat bubble, and someone will contact you shortly.


Delivery Hours

No appointment Needed

Mon - Fri: 7 PM - 3 PM
Sat: 7AM - 11 AM
Sun: Closed


Inform the person managing the gate you have a delivery for Webb Equipment or Matthew Burke.

You will be directed to a dock door where we will be unloading.


Thanks for submitting!

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