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Standard Drum Hand Truck

Standard Drum Hand Truck


Valley Craft’s Drum Hand Trucks are the perfect solution for transporting drums or barrels throughout facilities or on the go. The heavy duty construction has continuous solid welds for superior durability. Drum trucks have a 1,000 lb. load capacity and are easily maneuvered using the rubber grip twin handles or the full loop handle. The hand brake gives the operator added control of heavy loads and on uneven surfaces (on select models). Efficiently load, transport and store various drums with ease.

This hand truck is available in a steel or aluminum frame. Heavy 14 gauge steel frames can handle the toughest, most rigorous use and environments. Aluminum frames are light weight making them easier to maneuver, and are spark resistant which is required for certain environments. 2 or 4-wheel options are available in pneumatic, solid rubber, or mold-on rubber. (2) 12” pneumatic wheels make handling heavy loads or maneuvering over various terrain simple. The (2) 10” solid rubber wheels provide premium durability and simplified handling of heavy loads. (2) 10” mold-on rubber wheels are recommended for flat indoor environments and are maintenance free. 4-wheel models include the additional (2) 6” rear poly wheels for improved stability and control. 1” steel axels are fully enclosed in a protective housing with sealed bearings to improve the durability, functionality, and longevity of your unit.

All models come with the standard chime hook, unless otherwise specified. The standard universal chime hook utilizes a safe, hands-free, spring-loaded hook that automatically connects with the drum. Additional chime hooks are available (sold separately). The cable hoop adds an additional cable to the standard chime hook for additional security. The plastic drum chime hook drops over bung hole projection, specific to plastic drums only. The fiber drum chime hook reaches an additional 1” specific to fiber drums only. The locking cover chime hook handles all drum styles with locking cover.

Valley Craft’s Drum Hand Trucks are fully welded and built to withstand a variety of environments and elements. Products are shipped fully assembled, ready-to-use, and made in the U.S.A.

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